About Premium Manufacturing Group

About Premium Manufacturing Group (PMGNC)


PMGNC, a boutique manufacturer specializing in  gun grips and OEM has three beliefs:

Our first belief is RESPONSIBILITY TO OUR CUSTOMERS. Our products are high quality, yet still affordable. We take pride in every item we make.

Our second belief is TIME IS MONEY. We take pride in our order turn around time and will ship your order within 3 days.

Our third belief is PASSION! PMGNC, puts our heart and soul into every product we produce.

You can count on us to make sure your needs are met with the upmost professionalism and excellent service.

We manufacture our own products selling only to approved distributors and resellers cutting out the middle man and saving our customers money in the process.  If you are looking to create your own brand we can help with the design and production. 


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