SIG SAUER P238 Custom UV Printed Paua Abalone Gun Grips

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Pāua is the name given to New Zealand species of large edible mollusks known in the United States and Australia as abalone.  The heart of the shell is considered as the most brilliant of colors.  The shells are to soft and to small to make effective grips. The pressures created while shooting would destroy the fragile shell. We captured the hearts image and transferred it onto a stable platform of acrylic that can handle the wear and tear of use. 

Like 3D printing has advanced so has a process called UV Printing.  UV printing provides a permanent strong grip that looks like the best Ablone you can but for the money.


Comes in gift box.



CUSTOM MADE and limited quantity 

 Propeitary Premium Solid Polymer Acrylic - better energy transfer!

Guaranteed !