Unique Faux Pearl J Frame Round Butt Wrap Around Grips

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  • Half wrap sized grip for round butt J Frame S&W
  • Don't be fooled by overpriced aftermarket grips! Upgrade your EDC to our S&W J Round Butt Grips. Our grips are the most comfortable, durable, tough & safe pistol grips you can buy.
  • Our S&W J Frame Revolver Grips are cut by high-speed CNC machines. The design looks great and feels even better giving you a smooth and secure draw every time.
  • Finished and fitted here in North Carolina we are gun enthusiasts, weekend warriors and fellow Americans.
  • Comes in gift box with screw

CUSTOM FIT for J ROUND models: 242, 30-33, 39, 317, 331, 332, 337, 340 (PD), 342, 350 PD, 351 C, 351 PD, 360, 386, 40, 42, 43 C, 442, 60 (LS), 63, 631, 632, 637 (CT), 638 (CT), 642 (CT), 642 LS, 940